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About HPLC

Many businesses utilize the science of high performance liquid chromatography, also known as HPLC. A state of the art HPLC system can only function as well as its individual parts, and the reliable sellers of eBay offer many brand new HPLC pumps to ensure your work gets completed correctly each time. A high performance liquid chromatography device separates liquids into their individual pieces, allowing the study of the separate liquid, or removal of the unnecessary ones. A pulse free flow is essential for accurate separation and reading, and a top-notch HPLC pump is the only way to obtain it. Stainless steel construction ensures a high functioning piece of machinery that is durable and long lasting. Pumps that operate at an incredibly powerful 15,000 psi pressure or higher provide powerful separation with each and every use. Whether your business requires a small single piston HPLC machine, a larger dual piston mechanism, or just a new pump, find the right one for your needs on eBay.