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About HP Slimlines

When trying to run the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, you decide that it is probably time to buy a desktop because your laptop just is not cutting it. While laptops are not built for power, they are certainly built for portability; with the HP Slimline, you are getting a machine that is still quite portable but is actually a powerful desktop computer. As the name implies, the HP Slimline lineup contains a wide selection of very thin desktop computers. If the mention of desktop computers conjures up thoughts of your grandma's house where the old "dinosaur" sat beneath the desk, a computer from the Slimline collection, like the HP Slimline S5000, will change how you think of desktops forever. The HP Slimline motherboard can come fitted with varying video cards, RAM, and CPU all packed into the tiny chassis. You can find the many versions of the HP Slimline on eBay, where sellers are offering a wealth of inventory. Model numbers include s3600t, s3600z, s3500t, and s3500z, where a terminating "t" signifies an Intel processor, and a terminating "z" signifies an AMD processor.