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About HP NC6320

Got a thing for throwback computers? The HP NC6320 brings the old school to the present with a Windows 2000 operating system and the square, boxy design. A small laptop for those on the go, this Hewlett-Packard classic serves students and work professionals well. The 15-inch screen on the HP NC6320 still provides plenty of viewing range while the 80 GB of hard drive memory allows you to take important files everywhere. Though coming standard with just 1 GB of RAM, the application memory can be upgraded for improved performance. What is more, this throwback sports plenty of modern features, such as a high-speed DVD drive with write capability and four USB ports. More importantly, the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5600 is top notch and operates at 1.83 GHz with a 2 MB cache and a 667 MHz front-side bus. On top of that, when buying from the sellers on eBay, you also find the HP NC6320 battery as well as other parts and accessories, should you need them. Enjoy the best that computers past have to offer with a new-to-you HP NC6320 motherboard or the entire laptop.