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About HP DV6T

Did you say Beats audio—like top-of-the-line, louder-than-loud music that is dear to your heart on your laptop? The HP DV6T hears you, loud and clear. Why didn't someone think of putting this into a laptop sooner? With this model's generous 15.6-inch screen, HD video capabilities, and AMD graphics, any time is showtime. All that function doesn't overshadow the form of the HP 7000 series, with its sportscar-inspired sleek elegance. The brushed-aluminum cover and matte gray aluminum sides show off gently swooping angles. A slender silver speaker panel hides between aluminum hinges just above the keyboard, and two additional speakers remain secreted away under the laptop's front lip, for amazing sound quality. Perhaps the best feature of the HP Pavilion DV6T is its super-fast startup time. Two seconds gets you to the login screen, and just another five seconds until your laptop is ready to use—now that's fast. eBay's reliable sellers offer a wide variety of laptop computers to choose from, so whether you're shopping for a new or pre-loved machine, it's a great place to start. You'll soon be the envy of the class, or the office, with your super-speedy, incredibly sexy new HP DV6T with amazing Beats audio sound.