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About HP DV4 Battery

Your HP Pavilion DV4's been with you through all of your favorite movies and some of the trickiest dungeon runs in gaming, but lately you're hesitant to take the laptop away from the cable for even a short period because your battery is slowly wearing down. It's time for an HP DV4 battery replacement. The standard DV4 battery is a 6-cell 5200 mAh unit that fits flush with the back of your computer, but special editions of the laptop are compatible with a 12-cell DV4 battery with a 10400 mAh capacity, twice that of a standard laptop battery. This massive Pavilion DV4 battery gives you plenty of power for the entire day, and you might even feel comfortable unplugging long enough for a gamer or two. Browse eBay's reliable sellers to find replacement battery options, and even a spare if you want a backup for adventuring purposes. Let your HP DV4 battery keep the entertainment pavilion open.