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About HP 96 97

As the half-printed page emerges from your machine, an error message flashes onto the computer screen to inform you that you need to replace the HP 96/97 ink cartridges. After opening the printer up and extracting the empty cartridges you discover that the HP 96/97 refer to black and color ink cartridges, respectively, and that both cartridges are indeed empty. The thought of the time it may take to find the specific ink cartridges and have them delivered when you need them is a bit daunting and, seeking the simplest solution, you look on eBay. You can have the HP printer cartridge 96/97 shipped conveniently to your home. If you print mostly in black, check out the HP 96/97 combo that includes three black and two color cartridges, ensuring that you have a spare set as a backup the next time that your printer runs out of ink half way through a job.