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About HP 56 57

A warning message flashes on your computer monitor: "You are running low on HP 56/57 ink." With a sense of rising dread, you realize you do not have enough ink left to print off your assignment. It is due tomorrow, and your local computer store closed hours ago. When Mom finds out, she is going to ground you for a month. If this sort of thing always seems to happen to you, it is time to stockpile some HP 56/57 printer ink. You can order a job lot on eBay, where reliable sellers have an extensive range at deep discounts. The HP 56 cartridge contains black ink, while the HP 57 cartridge contains cyan, magenta, and yellow for color printing. You will need both, so the most cost-effective solution is to purchase an HP 56/57 combo pack. With a few of these stuffed in your desk drawer, you never have to worry about running out of HP 56/57 ink again, and you can start worrying about finishing that assignment instead.