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About HP 21 Cartridge

The ink in your Hewlett Packard printer has a habit of running out exactly when you need it most. No sooner have the kids sat down to print off an assignment, or you have prepared some important documents for work, than that familiar message pops up on screen: Your HP 21 cartridge is running low. Hewlett Packard's HP 21 ink cartridge is a black cartridge compatible with the Deskjet series of printers, and keeping a supply of it around the house is a good idea if you want to avoid drama. One of the most affordable ways to purchase ink is to buy new HP 21/22 ink cartridge bundles containing the black cartridge (21) and the color cartridge (22); that way, you are never going to be short of ink when you need it most. The reliable sellers on eBay offer a massive selection of ink cartridges for all makes and models, including discounted job lots, so it is easy to go online to get your HP 21 cartridge. Just make sure you buy your cartridges before you really need them.