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About Howlite

A wannabe gemstone getting big reactions is the Howlite stone, known for its irregular fissures resembling spiderwebs streaked throughout the mineral, so that no two pieces look alike. The porous surface accepts dye easily to create brilliantly colored specimens that can be shaped into a cross to hang from a pendant or a series of individual pieces in a necklace. You can purchase any number of loose stones for your beading business by shopping from the inventory offered by reliable eBay sellers. Construct a bracelet of one or more colors adding a clasp closure or string on a stretchy band. Possibilities are only limited to your imagination when purchasing unshaped slaps to carve into unique jewelry pieces with your own signature style admired as works as art. People in the know can fashion pieces of Howlite to resemble a precious stone so that the imitation piece masquerades among jewelry owners who only expose the imposter if somebody asks.