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About Hour Meters

You take off for your practice flight, and despite all the rain, the minute that you break through the clouds, you're fine and it's all smooth sailing for the rest of the flight. When you're done, you touch down on the runway before you casually look at the hour meter to log your flight time. Those unfamiliar with aircraft may not know it, but an hour meter is an incredibly important component of an airplane. Apart from being used to ascertain when it's time to conduct engine maintenance, hour meters are also used to compute rental hours. Malfunctioning hour meters can also mean missed maintenance checks, which can spell trouble for both the pilot and the aircraft. Luckily, by shopping on eBay, you can find a broad selection of brand new and pre-owned hour meters, and whether you are looking for a Hobbs, a tach, or digital hour meter, it's easy to find one from any of the many reliable sellers on the site. There?s no need to put your life in jeopardy when you can make sure that your hour meter is working perfectly to keep you safely flying the friendly skies.