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About Hotel Keys

Hotel keys, especially older styles, call to mind travels to destinations exotic and continental, especially if the key is imprinted with the hotel name. A vintage hotel key collection shows off historic hotel locales that may no longer exist, or use the collection to reminisce about your favorite travel destinations from years gone by. Hotel key fobs, a familiar site with vintage keys, display a room number and hotel name, adding a decorative touch to your collection of keys suitable for display. Some vintage fobs and key tags are made of metals such as brass, while many versions that are more modern are plastic in a diamond-like shape, in vivid colors such as aqua or bright red. Group collections in themes based on destination or type of club, such as currently non-existing Las Vegas hotels, or use the keys or fobs for assemblage art and craft projects, bringing the past into the present. Reliable sellers on eBay offer hotel keys and related memorabilia from all over the world, even in lots to get your collection started.