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About Hose Fittings

You connect the hose to the machinery, turn the hydraulic fluid on, and suddenly you are soaking wet; not sure what happened? Take a look at your hose fittings. Over time, hydraulic hose fittings can become worn or bent, causing them to leak the transfer of oil, air, or gasoline. This can result in a substantial profit loss if not immediately recognized and addressed. These important fittings come in two types: male and female; female fittings have threads on the inside, while male fittings have threads on the outside. Choosing the right type is imperative for proper hose functioning. They also come in different thread angles, fitting types, and dash sizes. eBay offers a wide selection of hose fittings, including water and air hose fittings, from reputable sellers. So the next time you go to use your hydraulic hose, make sure to maximize your output with a properly functioning hose fitting.