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About Horsehide Jackets

You comb your hair back in a duck's tail, and then you put that comb right into the back pocket of those jeans; cuffed artfully over your biker boots. Your black horsehide jacket over the plain white T-shirt gives you a sleek look that James Dean himself would have envied. Maybe you are not "the Fonz," but what is not to love about that vintage mahogany leather jacket with the two snap front pockets and the ribbed cuffs and waist. The patina gives the horsehide a warm glow that you just cannot find in a modern leather jacket, and that scent of old leather is sexy. Search the vast inventory on eBay and choose a 1940s-style leather jacket in black or brown with a trendy hip length and diagonal slash pockets that zip closed to keep your important stuff snug no matter what the weather. Heavy-duty stitching at the cuffs and the waist mean that this horsehide jacket can go the distance on the motorcycle or in your 1943 Ford truck with the gangster whitewalls.

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