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About Horse Racing

All of the men in your life seem to have a natural love of horse racing, because both your father and your grandfather spend one Saturday every month at the local racetrack. Dad tells you it’s for the thrill of it, which is what drew him to the sport. However, Gramps feels that it’s a man’s sport, and he wouldn’t even consider allowing you to tag along. For years, you would beg him to let you tag along and he would always nicely tell you that you wouldn’t like it and that you should stay home and keep Grams company. You always obeyed him, but nonetheless you would beg more and more each time. Finally, Grams came up with a plan, and it all started with eBay. Together, you both ordered a set of horse racing books, and you read them until you knew just about all you could fathom on the sport. The look on Gramps’ face was a memorable one when you started talking horse racing like your Dad, as his eyes grew wide and a smirk spread across his lips. Looking around your room, you gaze at all of the horse racing photos and think of all the wonderful Saturdays the three of you are now spending together at the races.