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About Horse Drawn Wagon

With a horse drawn wagon, you can get off your high horse and step into a sturdy four-wheel vehicle complete with seats and a hitch for a fun, old-fashioned ride. You can find a horse drawn wagon for many purposes, including carting newlyweds from wedding ceremonies, transporting families to local destinations, and even carrying fire and rescue equipment. Wagons once served as the primary means of transportation for Americans in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Some antique horse drawn wagons feature a long cab — think of them as the earliest limos — suitable for carrying large groups of people or stashing fire equipment, like ropes and ladders. Today, you can find wagons suitable for recreational use or display. Most come in solid woods like oak and mahogany. They feature finishing coats of clear or stained polishes, which protect wagons from bumps and bruises and defend them from environmental hazards like rusting, mildew, and water. Some wagons seat two passengers in a single row, while others seat up to eight or ten in two or three rows. Platforms, also deriving from wood, form sturdy bottoms. Wooden axles attach to sturdy shaves, which hitch horses to wagons. Look for these old treasures on eBay, where a large inventory lets you search for parts like wheels, and entire wagons.

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