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About Horse Bracelets

Everyone has their favorite animals and horse lovers are fanatical about theirs. For the equestrian-oriented, eBay's reputable sellers offer a number of horse bracelet designs and styles. Some feature the horses while others include shoes, bridles, bits, and even hair from the animal. Horses shed tail and mane hair, which is actually coarse and quite long. Some designers weave these into horsehair bracelet offerings. Like the animals, these jewelry items come in black, brown, and white or intermixed colors for an exceptional patterning. On the other hand, horse charm bracelet and sterling cuff selections feature usually a distinctive western look that includes designs of boots, horse heads, stars, and horseshoes. One unusual type of cuff is the horsebit bracelet, which includes leather and metal parts on a snap-together wristband. The bit section features two rings connected by a long bar or an O-ring stretched across the front of the bracelet. This style is a favorite of riders and those who work with these lovely animals. When you want to show equine pride, then put a horse bracelet into your jewelry box.

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