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About Horse Boots

That golden dappled palomino Quarter Horse needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap in order to keep his gorgeous coat clean and his fetlocks free of shavings before the big show. No matter how much work you put into keeping him looking fantastic, he always manages to roll in the mud, horse boots and all, and cover himself in muck. Even though your horse is more of a mud muffin than a show prince, you love him anyway, and reliable sellers on eBay understand how much effort you put into caring for that big beautiful boy. They have the exact horse splint boots that you need to practice those reining maneuvers and the sliding stops that your trainer is driving you crazy with this year. Check out multicolored horse bell boots designed to protect your baby from cross firing, pulling a brand new shoe off, or clipping that jump on the way over the rail. Horse boots are just the beginning when it comes to the huge selection of horse tack and clothing items that are on your list for this year's show season. Convenient shipping options make it easy to stay in the saddle, order your items, and have them shipped right to the barn.