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About Horrors

Horror films are some of the most terrifying, exciting, and fun films a moviegoer can enjoy. Discover some of the classics like a horror DVD of a Vincent Price film. Relive some of the scariest films ever made from the glory days of horror in the '60s and '70s, such as Halloween and the Exorcist series. Terrify yourself with a modern day horror collection featuring Sam Raimi and Rob Zombie films, among many other prolific horror directors of today. High quality DVD and Blu-Ray options abound all over eBay, as well as VHS copies of your favorite classics. Special edition DVD and Blu-Ray sets feature detailed artwork inserts and production interviews with the filmmakers among many other special features. Whatever your horror tastes may be, old school, classic, and new age horror films can give you a thrill. Do yourself a favor and check out some great new horror movies, or revisit some of your favorites again.