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About Hoosier Cabinets

You like to have a place for everything and everything in its place, but looking around your small kitchen, you do not have any more room. If this is the case for you, consider adding a Hoosier cabinet for additional storage. A Hoosier cabinet, which was commonly used during the early 1900s, features many amenities, including a flour sifter, slide-out counter, and several different-sized compartments for ease of storage for many of your most commonly-used items. A Hoosier kitchen cabinet is relatively small, measuring around 2-feet deep and 4-feet wide, making it ideal for small spaces that require additional storage solutions for cooking ingredients and supplies. A Hoosier-style cabinet does not necessarily need to be designed by the Hoosier Manufacturing Co., as many other companies provide similarly-styled cabinets. These cabinets are typically recognized as an all-inclusive unit with upper and lower cabinets and small counter. Some cabinets also include coffee and tea canisters, spice jars, a salt box, and a metal hanging rack. Hoosier cabinets are a great storage solution for small spaces, and with the large selection available on eBay, you can find just the right unit for your space.

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