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About Hooked on Phonics

Endless recitation and memorization of boring phonics rules is enough to bring any child learning to read to tears. For struggling readers, Hooked on Phonics provides systematic instruction to build phonics skills in ways that are fun. Research-based and developed by a team of educators, authors, and illustrators, the system follows a learn, practice, read approach that helps children achieve success. For children as young as three, the Hooked on Phonics Pre-K program includes workbooks, story books, DVDs, and flash cards designed to build a foundation in phonemic awareness. For older children who need to build speed and accuracy while they read, Hooked on Phonics Master Reader teaches students how to break words down into parts so they can read with fluency. Used by teachers, tutors, and parents, the program provides step-by-step lessons that take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Build your child's reading skills and confidence by purchasing a Hooked on Phonics set from a reliable seller on eBay.

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