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About Hooded Robes

Your idea of heaven is stepping out of a hot shower and wrapping yourself in a thick, plush robe, but you want a hooded robe to stay warm from head to toe. But choosing the right one takes a bit of thought: There's length (you already know you want a long hooded robe) as well as weight. You want something that feels thick and luxurious, but won't make you feel like you want to fall over. A hooded terry robe will provide the thickness and the absorbency you need. Some terry robes are classified by weight, and given a number indication on the product description. The higher the weight the thicker and more absorbent your robe will be. Look for a hooded robe made from Turkish or Egyptian cotton, which will give you the softness you're looking for. Browse through eBay's reliable sellers to find the perfect hooded robe for you. Pick up a pair of fuzzy slippers and enjoy.