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About Hooded Fur Coats

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are visiting New York City for New Year?s Eve. A gust of wind blows past you, making you pull the hooded fur coat closer to your body. You say a silent "thank you" for remembering to bring your mother?s vintage fur coat you on this special trip. As you stand in Times Square waiting for the ball to drop, you feel like you belong in the Upper East Side because you are enjoying the warmth and comfort of your knee-length mink coat and hood. Your significant other stands beside you and your arms are linked together in their own mid-calf length hooded fur coat. This doesn?t have to be a fantasy. You can easily get a fur coat of your own from reliable eBay sellers and go to New York City to see the ball drop. There is nothing more magical than going to the city, all dressed up and swathed in a fur coat. Why, it?s fun to enjoy the luxury of a hooded fur coat, even if you only reserve it for the winter holidays.

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