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About Hood Scoops

Your crew is in the back, and you are fronting with style in the latest designer clothes; but now you want your ride to have an edgy style to match. When it is time to give your car or truck a funky facelift, hood scoops are a quick and easy solution for getting a cool new profile that draws admiring glances as you cruise the block. These metal or fiberglass hood scoops attach to the vehicle's hood for a classic "American Muscle" style, and in some cases, they also boost the performance of the engine. The simplest scoops simply fix to the hood with 3M adhesive tape. The installation takes only a few moments, does not involve any modifications to the car, and the scoop does not damage the hood if you choose to remove it later on. However, these universal hood scoops do not offer any performance benefits. To get a functioning scoop you need to cut a hole in the hood, or replace the hood with a custom scoop hood. If you do this, the scoop forces air into the engine when you travel at speed, granting a supercharged effect that increases horsepower. Hood scoops are widely available from the vast inventory on eBay, making it easy to find the parts you need to give your car or truck a cool customized look.