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About Hood Latches

At one point, we?ve all had a car that was more hassle than it was worth; the windows won?t roll down and the hood latch is jammed. Although the jammed latch is an inconvenience, a simple fix for it means you won?t have to call in a mechanic to repair it. With a manual latch, you can actually replace the latch on your own, with someone to help hold the hood up so it doesn?t slam down on your head. You can?t go wrong with a universal hood latch, especially if you have an old car or a car that isn?t being manufactured any more like an Oldsmobile or a Saturn. Although, if you have an electrically operated hood latch, it may be a bit more complicated. Suppose your latches work just fine, but you are in the process of refurbishing an old car and you want to turn it into a show car. You can find chrome hood latches on eBay. The shiny metal complements any paint job, and it?s the minor details like these that car show patrons appreciate.