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About Honda XR75

If you are about 45 years old and you rode motorcycles as a child, it is highly possible the bike was a Honda XR75. It was one of the most popular children's bikes at the time, and it remains sought after today. Honda made it between 1973 and 1978 before moving up from the 75 cc engine to an 80 cc. It is part of its diverse XR series of off-road motorcycles. The 1973 Honda XR75 was the first in the range. It had a four-speed transmission with a manual clutch and a single cylinder 72 cc engine. They made very few changes over the years except for slight tweaks to the styling, including larger fenders and differently shaped side covers. The final model was the 1978 Honda XR75. It has a 75 cc engine, so it is slightly quicker than the older models, plus it has a five-speed transmission. The clutch is still manual on this bike, so it is great for teaching children how to ride. There is a vast inventory of all Honda XR75 models available on eBay.

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