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About Honda XR100

Few vehicles offer the combination of rugged adventure and pure freedom on hand in the Honda XR100. This off-road motorcycle turns heads all over the racecourse and through the backcountry. The 100 differs slightly from year to year, but overall, the engine and chassis stay true to form. The engine is an air-cooled 99.2cc single-cylinder machine. The valve train offers a single overhead cam with two valves for transforming power. The compression rate sits at 9.4-to-1. This impressive drivetrain is more than enough to carry you across the finish line, and that is just what it does, as the XR100 is meant for racing. The Honda XR100 graphics are sleek and aggressive, a suitable complement to the material package. You can find plenty of Honda XR100 parts, as well as fully functioning bikes, on sale from dirt bike enthusiasts in the vast inventory on eBay. The Honda XR100 carries Honda's legacy of durability and respectability, so you can rest easy and trust your vehicle's integrity.