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About Honda XL500

The Honda XL500 was the first Japanese motorcycle you could enjoy riding off-road and, once finished, take back to the road and ride home. It is an Enduro motorcycle, meaning it has a suspension that handles motocross terrain and regular roads. Before it existed, Honda riders had to choose either a road bike or an off-road bike. This one does both, and it does them well. The bikes were made between 1979 and 1984. Featuring simple kick-starts and uncomplicated brakes, they come with a big front wheel — up to 23 inches on some models — and a ground clearance of about 10 inches. These facts alone give the bike off-road kudos, but the Honda XL500 engine helps with that too. It is a 500cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke that produces 27 braking horsepower. With a wet weight of 313 pounds, it is a nimble motorcycle. It comes in two main variations — the Honda XL500 and the Honda XL500S. There is a vast inventory of all models available on eBay, plus parts, including the Honda XL500 tank, body parts, and engine components. Join the loyal XL500 following to enjoy performance and reliability.

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