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About Honda XL350

In 1974, the Honda XL 350 motorcycle made its debut to the public. It was a single cylinder, air-cooled bike that became popular with bikers because it was customizable and satisfied all the rider?s needs. It did really well for itself for eleven years. Then Honda came out with the revamped XL 350R. The new bike adopted competition suspension and styling, and was now considered a serious endurance machine. It was lighter because of the smaller plastic endure styling and a competition fuel tank. The Honda XL 350 is a great bike to tinker with, especially if you are new to customizing bikes. With the help of guides and sites like eBay, you can rebuild the engine or just replace some parts on the bike yourself. Who needs a mechanic when you have two capable hands of your own? Whether you are bonding with your son while ebuilding the bike or riding it through the trails, the bike will help you feel liberated and free.

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