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About Honda XL

XL bikes have such a faithful following that Honda had to bring the iconic line back from the dead. What a Honda XL bike lacks in weight, it more than makes up for in boundless energy. When it came out in 1972, the Honda XL250 was the first four-valve motorcycle to see mass production, as well as the first four-stroke enduro motorcycle. It is no wonder that it remains popular among motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts. The XL250 may look like a dirt bike, but it is truly a dual-sport motorcycle. This means that it is just as willing to ride on tarmac as it is eager to go off-road. While the XL250 is purely mechanical, bigger XL bikes, such as the Honda XL600R, have hydraulic parts. Honda soon saw the light and reversed its decision to replace these iconic bikes with the NV series, so after only a couple of years, Honda XL bikes returned under the XR badge. Although the XL250 is a collector's bike now, you can still find one among the wide selection of Honda enduro bikes offered on eBay.