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About Honda VTR 1000

You partner was mighty glad when you brought home the Superhawk. After a decade of extolling the performance and features of the Honda VTR1000, even your dogs were happy when you came up the drive. With its 996cc, V-twin engine, and six-speed transmission, the Honda VTR1000 Superhawk is powerful and stable even when it is hurtling down the road at its top speed. But before you rev up and head down the freeway with the Superhawk, you need to restore the bike. Although it runs, it needs a few replacement parts. To protect, beautify, and turn the sport bike into a sleek machine, you need to install a VTR1000 fairing kit. Fortunately, you can find the perfect fairing kit for your Honda VTR1000 among the wide selection of motorcycle parts and body kits available on eBay. There is no doubt that your Superhawk will be a sight to behold once you are done repairing and restoring it.

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