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About Honda Twinstar

The only thing better than a custom motorcycle is a classic custom bike and that is what you get with the Honda Twinstar. The last time you rode the Twinstar, you barely reached the handlebars and now you are ready to experience the thrill of your first proper ride. The Honda Twinstar motorcycle is not a sport bike or even a cruiser. However, its 194 cc, parallel twin engine is more than powerful enough for the motorcycle's spare frame. With its four-speed manual transmission, you can take the Honda Twinstar CM200T to a top speed of 71 mph. But you can go even faster with a simple modification of the front gear sprocket to take that maximum speed to 75 mph. However, before you realize your need for speed, you must get the 16-teeth sprocket required. Fortunately, you can find all the Honda Twinstar spares you need among the wide selection of motorcycle replacement parts available on eBay.

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