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About Honda Superhawk

With a name like that, you just had to have the Honda Superhawk. So you reached deep into your pocket and outbid everyone for the classic V-twin sport bike. This is the speed demon that first introduced side radiators to sport bike design. Its 996 cc engine produces 109 horsepower to drive a six-speed transmission. The Honda VTR1000 Superhawk also has a computer-controlled ignition and an LCD display providing real-time information about fuel consumption, engine condition, and trip data. The Superhawk is not only a high-performance sport bike; it is also a looker. Once restored, you plan on finding the perfect Honda Superhawk fairing kit to make it look and ride sleeker. Fortunately, you can find everything you need to make your Honda Superhawk the envy of the local racing club among the wide selection of motorcycle parts available on eBay. When it revs and shoots past your friends, they will understand why you insisted on this particular sport bike.

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