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About Honda Scrambler

Like eggs and bacon, you and your Honda Scrambler are a perfect combination. With its crossover design between a road motorcycle, dirt bike, and off-road machine, the Scrambler goes everywhere you want. With subtle but effective detailing, like chrome rims around its seat, lights, and fenders, and a sturdy frame mounted on thick tires, this bike strikes a winning combination between elegance and performance. Production of the Honda Scrambler motorcycle dates back to the 1960s. It replaces an earlier off-road Honda bike, called the Super Hawk. The Honda Scrambler features a narrow and long frame, made from sturdy steel. Depending on the year of production, you can find this motorcycle with different engineering designs and visual layouts. Basic, earlier models feature a narrower tube frame than later models, a smaller fuel tank, a more upright handlebar layout, and shorter fenders. Later editions have upward-sweeping exhaust pipes to improve ground clearance, and lighter frames. The large inventory on eBay lets you search for these bikes in various years and trims, and all the parts and accessories they need to keep riding.

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