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About Honda Prelude

Immortalized in film, the fast and furious Honda Prelude definitely knows how to catch some "Tokyo Drift." Molded body panels, TEIN suspension, and projector headlights embody the Prelude VTEC and Si silhouettes that captivate the crowd. Interchangeable hoods, adjustable spoilers, and engine components in vivid colors make the Prelude a huge favorite among collectors and racers. Honda Prelude engines built from 1987 to 1991 are some of the fastest and most desirable Japanese 2.0-liter to 2.3-liter VTEC 16-valve engines ever made. The motors offer up to 146 horsepower on a 2,900-pound vehicle built to travel at breath stealing speeds. When repairs are necessary, the Honda Prelude turbo kit on eBay includes a wastegate, intercooler, and boost gauge that allows you to rack up 50 to 75 additional horsepower. A brushed aluminum T3 turbo charger, forged propeller wheel, turbo downpipe, oil feed and return lines, and a complete piping kit round out the perfect turbo package. For the truly daring, a Honda Prelude engine dropped into a dragster or slipped into that sleeper car pushes the envelope and the speed limit.