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About Honda Nighthawk 750

A reboot of the classic 1969 CB750 superbike, the Honda Nighthawk 750 debuted in 1982. The most powerful of the Nighthawk series, the 1969 CB750SC originally boasted 66.5 horsepower. The bike's power increased to 75 horsepower by 1991 until the end of the model run in 2003. The 1991 through 2003 models weigh 463 pounds and offer 47 lbs. per foot of torque at 7,500 rpm. With a five-speed transmission and five-gallon gas tank, a Nighthawk in top condition can get more than 34 mpg. For a wide selection of Honda Nighthawk 750 motorcycles, browse the listings on eBay for an operating Nighthawk or a donor bike. A replacement or spare Honda Nighthawk 750 seat is a great way to accommodate an extra passenger or restore your bike to a solo machine. An OEM or aftermarket seat cover allows you to give the bike a charge of color. You may want to pick up a spare Honda Nighthawk 750 gas tank to match your bike's paint, or to serve as a canvas for a custom paint job. Be sure to look for replacement consumables such as rear drum brakes, front disc brakes, and frame lighting bulbs.