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About Honda Insight

If you feel sticker shock every time you pull into the gas pump, perhaps it is time to consider purchasing a hybrid. If you have been unable to figure out which one is right for you, check out the Honda Insight, the first commercially available hybrid in the United States. Not only will it save you on fuel costs, it is also more eco-friendly than traditional cars. Available in three styles, the Insight offers high-tech, convenient features to provide drivers with a safe and comfortable ride. The Insight features a state-of-the-art sound system that includes an mp3 input jack and speed-sensitive volume control. Maximize cargo space with the 60/40 rear fold down seats. Bluetooth, hands-free link, and a satellite-linked navigation system with voice recognition keep you safely connected and on track. The replicable Honda Insight battery is a nickel metal hydride (NiMH) that provides 100.8 volts with a capacity of 5.75 amp-hours. In the event you wish to replace something, Honda Insight parts, such as wheels, transmissions, engines, headlights, and more are readily available from the manufacturer and third-party dealers alike. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a large inventory of new and used Honda Insights. Find the one that is right for you and start saving on fuel costs and protecting the environment while driving in comfort, safety, and style.