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About Honda Fury

When your competitors have rad names, like Rocker, Raider, and Vegas, it is only right that you go by an equally catchy name. Honda Fury not only has a daring name but also a daring style. With the Fury, Honda successfully made a chopper and proved that motorcycle manufacturers can make custom, modified motorcycles that are just as unique as those hand-crafted by creative fans. Unlike the custom offerings from Harley-Davidson, Victor, and Yamaha, the Fury is not a limited edition motorcycle. People who love the look of choppers and the thrill of riding one, but lack the resources or courage to modify their expensive bikes, will find the Honda Fury especially exciting. This one-of-a-kind chopper carries a 1312 cc, liquid-cooled, V-twin engine paired to a five-speed manual transmission, ABS anti-lock brakes, and a shaft-drive system wrapped in aluminum. Besides its engine and suspension, the Honda Fury exhaust system is also unique to this bike. Even though it uses custom parts, quite a lot of trusted sellers on eBay offer a wide selection of Honda Fury parts and accessories.

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