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About Honda Foreman 450

There is nothing quite like the rush of hurtling over rocky trails, through verdant forests, and into spectacular vistas on a 4x4. The Honda Foreman 450 is one such vehicle, designed to get you out into nature in an exciting way. The Foreman is an innovating entry into the ATV field, as Honda mounts the motor longitudinally to remove moving parts and prepare the vehicle for durability and reliability over the course of its lifetime. The motor is mounted low in the chassis, bringing the vehicle's weight to about 50 pounds less than most of its competitors. The Foreman is redesigned every few years, with each new iteration bringing more power to the driver. The Honda Foreman 450 motor is known for its power and longevity. The ATV comes with several transmission options, with two wheel drive manual shift up to four wheel drive, electric shift with power steering. Sellers on eBay give you access to a wide range of models. The Honda Foreman 450 battery and other parts can be found online as well. With a Honda Foreman 450 in your garage, no adventure is too demanding.