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About Honda Elsinore

In the world of the two-stroke motorcycle, the motocross frame is king. The Honda Elsinore was one of the first motorcycles to be produced using a standard motocross frame that is lightweight and durable for biking on rough terrain and for use in stunt driving. It was also designed to serve as a competition-legal dirt bike, one of the first of its kind. The Honda MR250 Elsinore is built specifically for motocross rallies with its durable aluminum bodywork, its very few moving or vulnerable parts, and its incredibly rugged suspension. Finding parts or whole models for a Honda 250 Elsinore is a snap on eBay where sellers maintain impressive inventories of motorcycles and motorcycle components in new, used, and refurbished condition. They also provide access to affordable and dependable shipping options. With its 7-inch ground clearance, 75 mph top speed, and chrome-moly frame, the Honda Elsinore is an ideal purchase for an adventurous and fearless motorbike enthusiast looking to get out there and tear up the dirt a bit while the weather is good.