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About Honda Civic Emblem

The brand on a cow not only claims ownership, but also shows the quality of the animal's upbringing. A Honda Civic emblem does the same and brings a sense of confidence to you every time you lock eyes on it, your mind remembers the brand that continues to stand the test of time. Stock Honda emblems follow the same designs throughout certain model years. Pre-2000 model Civics use a standard square Honda polished emblem. The post-2000 model Civic uses a larger updated emblem that uses the same H design as the original. Honda Civic LX emblems feature the engine size and model name. Honda Civic EX emblems have a chrome LX, SOHC, and "H" symbol. Honda Civic SI emblems feature a red background placed behind a polished "H" alongside the letters "SI." A Honda Civic emblem is made from plastic and is painted with select finishes, such as paint, chrome, or matte finishes. A large inventory of Honda Civic emblems is available on eBay. Custom Honda emblems are available in several different colors. Spruce up your old front-end and install a new Honda Civic emblem.

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