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About Honda CBX

When you park up a Honda CBX, people will stop, look, and want to talk to you, fascinated by the unique engine. If you are the unsociable type, this is probably not the bike for you. The visual impact of the Honda CBX is hard to overstate. Six cylinders, six carburetors, four overhead camshafts, and 24 valves make a big visual impact. It is a smorgasbord of casings and exhaust pipes sitting in front of your knees and sweeping underneath your feet to the exhaust pipe behind. With its inline six-cylinder engine the Honda CBX 1000 was groundbreaking when it first debuted in 1978. Production lasted until 1982 and, in the space of those four short years, it gained a place in motorcycle history. Unsurprisingly, it is a heavy bike at 600 lbs. wet, but the big engine produces 103 horsepower and does not stop accelerating until you hit 140 mph. In its day, that was quicker than most sports bikes. Today, the styling looks retro, while motorcycle technology has moved on, but this remains an awesome bike. It is part of the CBX series of motorcycles from Honda, which also includes the Honda CBX 250 and Honda CBX 750. There is a vast inventory of all of these bikes on eBay.

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