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About Honda 350 Motorcycles

If you walked into a showroom in the 1960s or 1970s looking for a powerful, comfortable, and reliable motorcycle, you would probably have left with a Honda 350 motorcycle. It is one of the best selling bikes of all time, which means there are plenty of examples available from a vast inventory on eBay. There were different models through the years, although the most famous is the Honda CB 350 motorcycle. It has a twin cylinder air cooled engine with a 5 speed gearbox. Produces 36 bhp and weighing only 370 lbs, this can be a feisty ride when you want it to be. It is comfortable as a bike to cruise around town on, but it can also hit the open road, the race track (it has a top speed of 110mph), or the trail. Other popular models that had slight variations include the Honda CL350 motorcycle and the SL350. Honda 350 motorcycles were built to be ridden and they had astonishing reliability, making them great buys today either as a motorcycle to ride for fun, or as a restoration project.