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About Honda 305

It was the band Steppenwolf that famously said, "Get your motor running, head out on the highway! Looking for adventure, or whatever comes my way." The Honda 305 could have easily been the muse for that popular track, as this bike (one of the most celebrated motorcycles of all time) hit the roads in 1959 and remains a popular machine to this day. The Honda 305 Superhawk is a biker's dream, combining power with style in a design that remains second to none. If you enjoy repairing vintage bikes, this is a solid choice. You can use modern or retro parts to get your 305 going, while finding everything you need to rev your engine on eBay from reliable sellers. You might consider nabbing a Honda 305 engine to spruce up your antique ride, or you can add new Honda parts to bring your bike into the present day. There is something satisfying about rebuilding a classic cycle and getting it back onto the road where it belongs, especially if you consider yourself "born to be wild."

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