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About Holographics

There's nothing more Space Age than holographic nails. It sparkles and shines, making everything you wear slightly more futuristic. While machines won't come to rule the Earth and humans won't be wearing skintight body suits any time soon, it's great fun to pretend. Holographic may be a word often used by space geeks, but believe it or not, this is something that nail geeks (yes, women geek out over nails) often utter as well. If you want to be more creative, add holographic glitter for a gradient effect. Get an over-the-top look by attaching rhinestones, beads, and other nail toppers as well. When shopping on eBay, you should be able to find holographic polish, glitter, and other nail supplies from reliable sellers. Love all things glittery and sparkling? Watch your nails take the stage in bright light with holographic nail polish. Not only does it glam up your outfit, but it is so pretty that you will not be able to take your eyes off your nails as well.