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About Hollywood Regency

There was a glamour, an opulence, to the days of iconic Hollywood. That posh and rich style, known as Hollywood Regency, is making a comeback. The monotone rooms with the rich fabrics that spoke of the style of 1930s Hollywood are classy in any era. When you are going for the Hollywood Regency style, you want to find modern pieces that will help give your room the right feel. Hollywood Regency chairs are a simple but dramatic addition. Choose one with a plush seat and fabric, one with a minimalist style frame, or a heavy, richly draped piece. Hollywood Regency lamps come in a wide variety of styles as well: chandeliers, tall slim pieces, or larger, heavier ceramic bases. Mirrors also play a huge role in this style of design, which often includes multiple mirrors on the same wall or table laid out in an eye-pleasing pattern. You can find a wide range of pieces to choose from with the reliable sellers on eBay. Find that perfect piece, and have it shipped directly to your door.