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About Hollow Body Guitar

They said you could only rock out with a heavy, solid body guitar. They said a hollow body guitar can only do jazz, blues, and country. But you are going to prove them wrong, much like the Beatles did. It takes a lot of practice, but already you know the secret to turning a hollow guitar into a rock machine. Simply stuff it with foams. But first you need to get a hollow body guitar kit. Such a kit has all the parts you need to build your own guitar, and you can stuff it before sealing the assembled guitar. If that fails, you can always do it the John Lennon way and get an Epiphone hollow body guitar, just like he did. Whether you want a kit or a branded hollow body guitar, you can find everything you need among the wide selection of acoustic and electric guitars available on eBay. When you stand on that stage with everybody expecting another bluesy song, you had better shock them with rock.

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