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About Hollister Polo Shirts

Scanning your closet, you realize that although you have plenty of casual and formal attire, you need something that blends both styles. A quick search leads you to Hollister polo shirts, which come in a wide range of bright fun hues. These shirts work particularly well in the summer, easily pairing with your favorite skirt or pair of shorts. One option is a women's Hollister polo, which draws attention thanks to eye-catching shades of green, pink, and blue, among others. Most shirts feature the brand's characteristic seagull embroidery toward the top. You can find shirts with the vintage Hollister wash and a slim fit that pairs especially well with beach attire. There are also girls' Hollister polo shirts with a generous selection to choose from thanks to the vast inventory on eBay. Options include short and long-sleeved shirts with a stylish button-up collar. Although some shirts come in one color, others offer contrasting colors around the collar. Most Hollister polo shirts feature a combination of cotton and spandex material for a stretchy, comfortable fit that holds up well despite regular washes and wear.

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