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About Holley 650

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While the technological advances of modern fuel injected engines are nice for many reasons, the reliability and easy servicing of a carburetor are among its major advantages. The Holley 650 is one of the most popular aftermarket carburetor upgrades; it is easy to service and adjust thanks to its lack of moving parts, yet it still provides a host of performance benefits. Officially named the Holley 650 CFM Double Pumper, this 650 CFM carburetor stands out for a number of reasons. It uses a manual choke, which allows for precise control during a cold start, is calibrated to work out of the box for easy installation, and features dual feed fuel inlets for a more consistent and high-volume fuel delivery. The Holley 650 works best in lightweight vehicles with a manual transmission, though it does have applications in certain automatics as long as they offer a high stall and low gearing. It is easy to find the Holley 650 Double Pumper you need or get the parts to repair the one you have through thanks to the large inventory of carburetors and corresponding parts available on eBay. The "old reliable" carburetor offers drivers more than just throwback technology; it offers an easy-to-service, enhanced car system as well. When you choose a carburetor made exactly for that, you not only gain control of your mechanics in an entirely new way, you also transform your relationship with your car for the better.