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About Holiday Barbie

Ever since Barbie first hit the market in 1959, girls all over the world have collected her and her accessories. Holiday Barbie dolls, however, continue to be the best sellers, and for good reason. You have quite a few of them, yourself, and are always on the lookout for good deals on the ones you do not have. Most of your finds have been via the reliable sellers on eBay, who offer a large inventory of Holiday Barbie dolls with convenient shipping options. Browsing through the listings, you come upon some that you already have, including the 1988 Holiday Barbie. She is one of your favorites with her red poofy dress and hair that matches. After browsing a little longer, you find one that you do not have: the 2011 Holiday Barbie edition. With her green and gold dress, she is sure to fit in perfectly on the shelf in your spare room, otherwise known as your Barbie room. It is even painted pink in honor of your favorite doll. You only have a few spaces left to fill, and your Holiday Barbie dolls collection will be complete.