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About Hohner Accordion

Few instruments are as unique in sound and sight as an old-fashioned squeezebox. The Hohner accordion is a time-tested instrument that has been expertly crafted since the middle of the 19th century. These German accordions are some of the most recognizable instruments on the planet, and have been used in a vast range of musical genres. When looking for an accordion, first decide which style and range you prefer. The Hohner button accordion utilizes a button design that can either be laid out chromatically or diatonically. Chromatic accordions can produce all 12 notes of the chromatic scale, while diatonic accordions only produce the notes of a particular key. A Hohner piano accordion has the familiar keyboard layout, making legato runs and chords much easier for beginners or players familiar with a keyboard. You can find whichever style you prefer in the vast inventory of accordions on eBay. A Hohner accordion is an instrument that produces a refined and unique acoustic sound, and it is easy to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistic integrity of these beautiful instruments.